Friday, June 1, 2007


I don't really hate Windows. Although it is fun to trash it from time to time, it does have its strengths. That said, long life to the Penguins! After using Debian for a while, Ubuntu has made his way into my Desktop and Thinkpad. The former runs on Dapper LTS (I am planning to upgrade it to Feisty in July) and the latter boots Edgy (and, occasionally, Windows XP).

Why Edgy on the Thinkpad? Feisty just doesn't do it for the lappy. Several annoying problems, going from issues connecting the wireless adapter to 'division by 0' exceptions thrown by Skype and VLC made me choose an earlier version of the distribution. Oh well... In October I can give G* (whatever 7.10 is named) a try.

PS: In my case, the 'division by 0' was happening because the geometry of the screen was not set. Running xrandr did the trick for me.

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